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Ust 30-day Duro Led Lantern Orange

SKU: RPLUST1156792
The UST 30-Day DURO 1000 LED Lantern is one of the longest-lasting and brightest lanterns in its class, now with

Ust Carabiner 8c 2pk

SKU: RPLUST1156925
The Aluminum Carabiner is the perfect tool when a lightweight, temporary attachment is needed. Aluminum Carabiner Features a spring-loaded, D-shaped

Ust Carabiner Single

SKU: RPLUST1156923
Ust – Ultimate Survival Technologies Carabiner, Tool, 1 1156923 Model: CarabinerProduct Type: ToolUnits per Box: 1

Ust Deluxe Map Compass Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156807
Liquid-filled compass with swivel bezel and magnifier. Features : Extended, clear base plate for improved map reading Multiple measuring scales

Ust Flexware Mess Kit Orange

SKU: RPLUST1146792
The FlexWare Mess Kit combines innovation and functionality to provide the premium solution for hungry hikers and campers. Features :

Ust Flexware Sink 2.0 Orange

SKU: RPLUST1145919
Ust – Ultimate Survival Technologies Flexware Sink 2.0, Orange 1145919 Model: FlexWare Sink 2.0

Ust Lensatic Compass Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156931
The Lensatic Compass is a compact, folding compass with luminous navigation points. Features : Accurate readings Compact, folding design Luminous

Ust Magnesium Firestarter

SKU: RPLUST1156919
Tried and true, the magbar fire starter combines magnesium shavings and the sparks of a flint to start the fire

Ust Packware Dish Set

The PackWare Dish Set is a six-piece outdoor dining kit for one. Lightweight and durable, its the perfect solution for

Ust Paracord 325 Hank 50′ Orange

SKU: RPLUST1149168
USTs Para 325 Utility Cord 50ft is 100% nylon and the perfect utility cord. Tease out the core threads for

Ust Paracord 550 100′

Great for a multitude of outdoor uses, USTs Para 550 Utility Cord is made from 100 percent nylon. It is

Ust Paracord 550 30′ Black

SKU: RPLUST1146761
Great for a multitude of outdoor uses, USTs Para 550 Utility Cord is made from 100 percent nylon. It is

Ust Paracuda Pro Machete

SKU: RPLUST1156909
Ust – Ultimate Survival Technologies Paracuda Pro Machete, Plain Edge, Black Oxide Finish, Orange Paratinder Grip 1156909 Model: Paracuda Pro

Ust Parahatchet Pro Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156819
ParaHatchet PRO Features: This tough 4mm thick stainless steel hatchet easily chops firewood and limbs. The multi-size hex wrenches (3/8″”

Ust Paraknife 4.0 Pro Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156868
ParaKnife 4.0 PRO Features: A durable 4 inch (101mm) long, 4mm thick stainless steel blade and is a handy knife

Ust Parashovel Pro Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156815
ParaShovel PRO Features: This multifunctional stainless shovel will be your new favorite camping item. Perfect for dozens of tasks around

Ust Safe & Dry Bag 15l Orange

SKU: RPLUST1156900
Ust – Ultimate Survival Technologies Safe & Dry Bags, Orange, 27″x19.7″ 1156900 Model: Safe & Dry BagsSize: 27″x19.7″

Ust Safe & Dry Bag 25l Blue

SKU: RPLUST1156859
Keep your camping and backpacking gear safe from the elements with the UST Safe & Dry Bag, available in 10″

Ust Solo Cook Kit

SKU: RPLUST1146766
The solo cook kit is the ultimate compact dining package. It is a great choice for ultralight or multi-day hikers

Ust Sparkforce Fire Starter

SKU: RPLUST1156856
The SparkForce Fire Starter is a compact, high-performance flint based fire starter that generates sparks in wet or windy conditions.

Ust Splashflash Flashlight Blk-glo

SKU: RPLUST1146783
Ust – Ultimate Survival Technologies Splashflash, Flashlight, Led 25 Lumens, Black 1146783 Model: SplashFlashProduct Type: FlashlightDescription: LED 25 Lumens

Ust Strikeforce Fire Starter Green

SKU: RPLUST1156804
The StrikeForce Fire Starter with Tinder is a high-performance, flint-based fire starter that generates three times the heat of an

Ust Survival Blanket 2.o Orange

SKU: RPLUST1146788
The lightweight Survival Blanket 2.0 provides all-weather protection by reflecting your own body heat back to you. Use for warmth

Ust Tekfire Pro Blue

SKU: RPLUST1142764
The lightweight and compact TekFire PRO Fuel-Free Lighter allows for quick and easy fire starting. Windproof, flameless, and electronic, it

Ust Tight Light 1.0 Blue-green

SKU: RPLUST1156917
The lightweight, water-resistant UST Tight Light 1.0 headlamp produces a bright light when and where you need it — worn

Ust Tool A Long Moose

SKU: RPLUST1156818
The UST tool a long stainless steel multi-tool is pocket-sized and designed to accomplish a variety of tasks outdoors or

Ust Tool A Long Sasquatch

SKU: RPLUST1156810
The UST tool a long stainless steel multi-tool is pocket-sized and designed to accomplish a variety of tasks outdoors or