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Fed Prm 338win 210gr Np 20-200

The Nosler(R) Partition(R) was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium(R) line and it continues to be a standard

Hrndy Ph 338 Win 230gr Eld-x 20-200

SKU: RPLH82222
Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady Precision Hunterfactory loaded ammunition. Great care has been given by Hornady

Mag Win Xpr Short Standard 3rd

SKU: RPLMGWN112098802
The XPRs detachable box magazine is constructed of a light yet rugged polymer and securely latches at both the front

Ruger Guide Gun 338win 20″ Mt 3rd

The Ruger Hawkeye series features a non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor that is the most positive case extraction system

Ruger Hwkeye Alskn 338win 20″ Ss 3rd

Big Game Performance. Features the Ruger Muzzle Brake System with Removable, Radial-Port Muzzle Brake. Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise

Sav 110 Bear Hntr 338win 23″ Ss Syn

For hard-hitting performance against tough game and even tougher conditions, choose the Savage 110 Bear Hunter. Its AccuFit system lets

Sav 110 Brush Hntr 338win 20″ Ss Syn

When the stakes are high, settle for nothing less than the precision and adaptability of the Savage 110. The 110

Win Xpr 338win 26″ Matte Syn

SKU: RPLWN535700236
For almost 150 years the terms Winchester(R) and rifle have been virtually synonymous for millions of American hunters and shooters.