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.308 / 7.62 Bolt Carrier Group, Complete – Black Nitride

SKU: APRH308186C
Aero’s.308 / 7.62 Bolt Carrier Group is the perfect firing mechanism for your big-bore rifle build. This high quality BCG

223 Remington/556NATO BCG, Manganese Phosphate Finish, Black

Sons of Liberty Gun Works looks at the bolt carrier group as the heart of the gun. If the gas

5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, Complete – Nickel Boron

SKU: APRH100071C
This upgraded nickel boron bolt carrier group is an eye-catching addition to your AR build. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure

5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, No Logo (Nitride)

SKU: APRH100616C
This high quality bolt carrier group is a valuable addition to your AR15 build. Features: No Aero ‘A’ Logo M16-cut

Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group

Assembled Bolt Carrier Group for AR-15/M16 8620 M16 style carrier Black Nitride finish Properly heat treated Final grind before plating

C4 Bolt Carrier Group Phosphate

Centurion Arms Bolt Carrier Group Centurion Arms C4 Bolt Carrier Group was created with HP/MPI tested bolts and marked to

Enhanced Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group

.225/5.56 NATO AR15/M16 Full Auto BCG Engineered to reduce carrier tilt and friction inside upper receiver Materials, tolerances, and coatings